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Related Posts with Thumbnails

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Growth Chart Round-up

A growth chart is one of those childhood must-haves. Kids love to mark their height (anyone else try to cheat by standing on their toes?), and there is something terribly nostalgic about looking back on it after they're grown. Unlike marks on a doorjamb, a height chart can be taken along if you move or tucked away for safekeeping in the future. We've rounded up our favorite growth charts from around the web--some handmade, some modern, some just plain fun.

123 Grow With Me by Inklore
Sunshine Height Chart by Kideko
Handpainted growth charts by JTurn Designs
Hibiscus growth chart decal
Big Tree Growth Chart Decal by Byrdie Graphics
I'm As Big As...
Miss Natalie Heirloom Growth Chart
Little Birds canvas chart by Snail Candy
DIY Ruler Decal
Eric Carle growth chart
Handpainted growth stick by I Heart Sammi
Animal Alphabet

Top row, left to right: (1) 1-2-3 Grow With Me, $44 at Inklore (2) Sunshine Height Chart, $28 AUD at Kideko (3) Handpainted panels, $50 at JTurn Designs

Second row, left to right:
(4) Personalized hibiscus decal, $32 at The Sticker Hut *PNW shop* (5) Big Tree growth chart decal, $48 at Byrdie Graphics (6) I'm As Big As..., $10 at Perpetual Kid

Third row, left to right: (7) Miss Natalie Heirloom Growth Chart, $56 at Fawn & Forest (8) Little Birds canvas growth chart, $27 at Snail Candy *PNW shop* (9) DIY Ruler Decal, $12 at Abbie's House

row, left to right: (10) Up, Up I Go by Eric Carle, $10 at affiliate Amazon (11) Handpainted, woodburned growth stick, $65 at I Heart Sammi (12) Personalized animal alphabet, $59 at Land of Nod


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