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Related Posts with Thumbnails

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Evergreen Moms is the brainchild of two Pacific Northwest moms who found themselves constantly swapping product recommendations with friends. It didn't take long before they realized that what was fun to do in person would be even more fun to do online.

Every weekday, Lori and Heather bring you the latest in eco-friendly and unique toys, clothing and gear for families, with an eye for innovation and good design. They love the creativity they see all around them in the Pacific Northwest. Evergreen Moms is their spot to share a bit of their beloved region with you.

It was a sunny April day in 19*coughcough* when Little Mary Sunshine finally consented to be brought into this world after 42 weeks in very comfy accommodations. Yes, that was her nickname. Yes, she's continued to do things her own way and in her own time. And no, it probably wasn't sunny. She was born in Oregon after all. She's been blessed to call the lush Pacific Northwest her home ever since. Lori is a proud mama to the angel they lost to cancer in 2007 and their son born in 2008. Her fantabulous hubby stays at home with the kiddos while she brings home the soy bacon (she's a vegetarian). She can be reached at

Heather grew up playing under the trees of the Pacific Northwest. After trying out life in Southern California for a decade, she returned to Oregon with her family in tow. She's a babywearing, cloth diapering mom of two who loves good television, good books and good cake. When not scouring online shops for Evergreen Moms finds, she can be found reading, bookkeeping, mothering and coveting expensive strollers. She can be reached at


"I found you on Twitter and I LOVE your concept! Your blog reminds me of the eco version of Daily Candy."

"...I just love your site! I’m a regular visitor now, and I love entering all of your great giveaways! Well done!"

"I just wanted to let you know that I received this product last week and it is SO incredibly adorable! I was going to keep it for myself, but I want to show it off so it might be going to one of my best friends for her baby shower - that way all the moms there can see it. Thank the sponsor for me please! Thanks again!"

"I'm totally falling in love with your website. Great stuff!"

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